My most popular workshop!

Each child will design and create their very own professional and durable hula hoop in the size that is perfect for them.

The 90 minute Wild Hula Hoop Craftshop includes hoop crafting time and hoop dance party time.

All children will receive a take home hula hoop that they have decorated.



  • 60 minutes of creative craft time guided by Suzy Spindoll

  • 30 minutes of hoop games and skills shared so that students learn to use their new hoops.

  • Each child receives their own professionally made hoop, that they have decorated to keep

  • A variety of art supplies to use during hoop designing time

Hoop Fun Fitness incursions and workshops are designed to get bodies moving and hearts pumping. A colourful mix of fitness, games and movement designed to support physical fitness, encourage ecstatic expression and nurture self-esteem.

Think boot camp meets circus.



  • 60 minutes of energetic hoop fitness guidance by Suzy Spindoll

  • Safe exercise principles using warmups and cool downs

  • A hoop star power dance finale with music

  • Dance hoops and sporting equipment for all students to use during each session

  • A variety of games and skills that students can play in teams or individually at home or at school.


hoop dance party

The Hoop Dance Party will have everyone spinning to their favourite dance tunes while learning spectacular hoop skills, from the easy to the amazing.

Learn to spin it like a super hooper star, show off your rock star tricks and play some out of this world hoop games!




  • Professional dance hoops for all students to use during each session.

  • Costumed entertainment and guidance by Suzy Spindoll

  • 60 minute Hoop Dance Party

  • Specially crafted hoop music


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